Western Digital S.S.D Crack 2024

Western Digital S.S.D Crack 2024

Western Digital S.S.D. Dashboard Crack is one of the applications that can help ensure that the Western Digital Solid State Drive is operating at peak performance and offers you several additional features and insights. Keep your Western Digital S.S.D. running at peak levels using this handy app with many tools. If you have an S.S.D., you probably know it gives you higher speed than standard hard drives, but they also work under different parameters and require special maintenance. This app can help you optimize your S.S.D. without much effort, as it offers many relevant functions.

Western Digital S.S.D. Dashboard Crack 2024 Features:

Status section

The Status section displays the overall status and health of the selected drive. To choose an S.S.D. drive, click the Select Drive drop-down menu. The following information appears at the top of the Status screen:

  • Model: The product model name of the selected WD SSD.
  • Firmware version: the version number of the firmware installed on the
    WD SSD.
Drive Health:

Drive Health summarizes the current status of the selected SSD. based on self-monitoring, analysis, and reporting technology (S.M.A.R.T.) attributes.

  • Standard: The drive is in good condition.
  • Poor: The number of spare blocks has reached the minimum threshold, or the unit is overheating. Replace this drive with a new WD SSD in a low light block count.

Notifications, such as available software or firmware updates or INTELLIGENT. Attribute warnings will be displayed in this area.

  • Security: This area will be visible if the selected unit supports security.
  • “Not Enabled” appears if the security protocol is not active.
  • If the security protocol is active, the name of the dynamic security protocol shows, for example, “TCG Opal 2.0”.

As used for the storage capacity on our device packaging and label, one gigabyte (G.B.) is one billion bytes, and one terabyte (T.B.) = is one trillion bytes. The total accessible capacity varies depending on the operating environment on the WD SSD Dashboard and within Windows folders. The ability shown is based on the Windows operating system calculation method for total reported capacity.

  • Green: free space
  • Blue: used space
  • Gray: unallocated space
  • Yellow: Other
  • Red: full

The graph shows the drive volumes recognized by Windows.

  • Green: free space
  • Blue: used space
  • Red: no free space
Remaining life

The percentage of life remaining represents the remaining writes of the selected drive you can perform during your lifetime. If the unit does not support this function, the message “Not supported” will appear will be shown.


The S.S.D. reported the temperature. The thermometer graph shows one of two colors, as follows:

  • Green: normal operation
  • Yellow: The S.S.D. is currently overheating.
Interface speed

For SATA SSD, the connection speed is the actual speed negotiated with the system. If the connection speed exceeds the S.S.D. capacity, the following message appears in red: Connect your S.S.D. to a 6.0 Gb / s compatible port for best performance.

  • S.S.D. Capacity: The fastest speed supported by the drive.
  • Connection: the port that connects the S.S.D. to the system.
Performance Graph

The performance graph provides two different real-time performance metrics transfer rate M.B. / s (megabytes per second) and transfers IOPS (I / O operation count per second). The graph scrolls from right to left and shows moving 5-minute timeline increments on the horizontal axis. The graph’s vertical axis will deliver the transfer speed M.B. / s or Transfer IOPS.

Supported operating systems

  • 32/64-bit versions of Windows 10
  • Windows 8.1 32/64-bit versions
  • 32/64-bit versions of Windows

Installation of WD SSD Dashboard Crack:

  • Double-click the icon for the WDSSDDashboardSetup.exe file to start the installation.
  • To cancel the installation, click the X in the upper right corner of the dialog box.
  • When the installation is complete, click Finish.
  • The WD SSD panel is launched, and fill in the Status section.
  • When the installation has been completed successfully, click the Finish button.
  • It will automatically start the WD SSD dashboard and load the Status section.
  • Download the WD SSD panel to your hard drive.
  • Open the downloaded image file by double-clicking the WDSSDDashboardSetup.zip file. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the installation.
  • When the installation has been completed successfully, click the Finish button S.S.D. panel will start and automatically load the Status section.

Western Digital S.S.D. Dashboard Crack also displays information about the drive’s status (based on S.M.A.R.T. attributes) with two indicators: standard, which means the industry is in good condition; or poor, indicating the number of spare blocks is at the minimum threshold or that the drive is overheating. It will also alert users to notifications, such as available software or firmware updates or S.M.A.R.T. attribute warnings. It will indicate whether or not the S.S.D. security protocol is enabled.

Western Digital S.S.D Crack 2024

General information about the selected drive is displayed at the top, including the model number and firmware version. Next, the S.S.D. tool displays more detailed information about the movement in the Status section. The capacity panel shows the total size of the W.D. drive and the amount of free, used, and unallocated space. If the drive is complete, the pie chart will turn red. All volumes will be listed to the right, color-coded with free versus unused space. In our case, our W.D. Blue drive is practically empty.““

Western Digital WD SSD Dashboard Full Crack

Western Digital S.S.D. Dashboard Crack your company’s drives (including SanDisk products) with helpful drive information, ways to optimize and sanitize/clean your S.S.D., and easy point-and-click firmware updates. At first glance, the interface has a much more modern look than most of the other S.S.D. drive tools we’ve seen. It has a lovely blue background with an intelligent panel design at the bottom. Navigating the sections is accessible, responsive, and intuitive. WD SSD Dashboard is a trusted app that helps you optimize your S.S.D. by providing various tools.


  • The saner operation also requires a USB flash drive.
  • The section management unit allows you to update the firmware of your S.S.D.
  • If necessary. In addition, you can configure the application to send you email notifications whenever a notification requires your attention.

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For example, if your S.S.D. requires a firmware update or flaws in its functionality. To enable this feature, navigate to the Settings category, go to the Email with Alerts section, and provide a valid email address. Click the Advanced Alert Options button to define which alerts should be notified.

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