Xftp Free v7.0 Build 0125 Download Latest 2024 Version

Xftp Free v7.0 Build 0125 Download Latest 2024 Version

Xftp Free 7.0: For users who need to securely transfer data across a network, Xftp Free is a versatile and compact SFTP/FTP client. Direct editing, multiple panes, folder synchronization, FXP compatibility, server-to-server transfer, and connection with third-party editors are just a few of its potent features. Working with distant files will require less time and effort if you use Xftp Free. For use at home or school, the app is free.

Xftp Free Build 0125 Version Updated 2024 | Review

Many helpful features for making file transfers quick and simple are included in Xftp Crack. It has a synchronization feature, for instance, that enables you to synchronize files and folders from and to the remote path with the local folders. Additionally, the program comes with a direct editing feature that enables users to edit remote files with Windows Notepad. You can quickly get files this way without downloading them. Additionally, it is possible to rename, edit, or create new files.

Overall, Xftp is a trustworthy application that enables secure file transfers. It provides user authentication and encryption for secure Internet connections, as well as multiple panes and tabs and many other practical features.

Features Free Updated/Latest:

  • Xftp Free’s features Transfer settings should be adjusted for maximum performance.
  • Alerts: Be informed when transfer succeeds or fails.
  • File compression: Use ZIP or GZIP to compress files.
  • File encryption: Use powerful encryption algorithms to encrypt files.
  • File search: Find files and directories quickly.
  • File synchronization: Match up files on nearby and distant servers.
  • Multiple files and folders can be transferred at once via file transfer.
  • Automate file transfers using the scheduler integrated into the program.
  • Logging: Record every FTP session for subsequent analysis.
  • Work with numerous servers at once using multi-tabbed user interface.
  • Multiple connections: Create several connections to various servers at once.

Powerful features that can increase user productivity are abundant in Xftp. Users can, for instance, create and manage numerous sessions within a single app window using the Session tab, and direct edit lets users change a file’s contents without downloading any additional resources. Users can also choose how many files can be downloaded and uploaded simultaneously.


  • Support for IPv6, proxies, and firewalls on the network.
  • Scripting: Use the scripting engine to automate routine operations.
  • SCP, FTPS, and SFTP protocols for secure transfer.

Additionally, by opening them in side-by-side windows, this program enables you to synchronize content across a local and remote location. It functions in one-way mode, where the source is updated with the most recent files from the output, or two-way mode when both folders receive the same content.

Download Xftp Free?

On Windows, Xftp Free is made available by FTP clients under a freeware license with no usage limitations. This computer program’s installation and download are free, and the most recent version, as of our last check, was 7.0.0119.

What Windows version is Xftp Free compatible with?

On a machine running Windows 11 or Windows 10, Xftp Free can be utilized. Due to Windows 8 and Windows 7 having been thoroughly tested, previous OS versions should not be a problem. Both 32-bit and 64-bit files are available for it.

However, Xftp Free’s capabilities go beyond this. The program allows you to manage user and host key files, generate new user keys, limit the download and upload speed, examine log details with the application’s activity over the source, create a transfer list with pending tasks to execute automatically, edit them with a text editor without first downloading them, create a transfer list with automatic post-task actions, manage user and host key files, and manage user and host key files for remote files.






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  • Developer NetSarang Computer
  • User Reviews Downloads 39.1 MB of the original file19375
  • Systems Windows Server 2012, Windows 10, Windows 10 64 bit, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 2003, Windows 2008,

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Xftp Free 7.0 Build 0125 Download 2024 Latest Version